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In 2011, we began financially assisting the neediest oncology families, at the request of the oncology social workers. Single and widowed moms, parents who left their jobs to care for their sick children, dads who don’t get paid when they are not at work, and unemployed families suffer both financially and emotionally. This makes the cancer burden even harder to bear.  Travel and lodging expenses, fuel, utilities, rent, food, and other immediate needs have been provided by our fund.

Each month, we supply $1,000 in gas gift cards to the social workers to distribute to the oncology families. Many families drive long distances. Other families are in need of more assistance for travel. A simple tank of gas helps in a huge way.

We have been privileged to help a single mom pay utility bills after months of staying in the hospital with her sick child. We have paid rent for a dad who works in construction and was not paid when he was at the hospital in his son’s last days. We were happy to help with new tires when a pastor from Waynesburg couldn’t get to the hospital to see his son. We have even put together a team to install an internal French drain system when a sick child could not return home due to mold. All this has been possible because of our generous donors.


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