Genre's Kids with Cancer Fund is a 100% volunteer organization. We are truly grateful to every single person who works countless hours and gives their encouragement, ideas, support and prayers to allow us to reach out to families and children with cancer.  There are many opportunities for you make a difference. We would love for you to join our team! 

We gave our first Nintendo DS system to a child in February of 2010.  Genre’s Kids with Cancer Fund soon branched out into other programs and service areas.  The Events that we get involved in have been a tremendous way to build community, share love, build hope and raise money so that we can  continue to assist families.

 Genre's Kids with Cancer Fund is committed to  assisting families battling childhood cancers in any way we can -  emotionally, financially and spiritually.  Our burden has been bearable because of our faith.  It is our most sincere desire to show families  suffering through childhood cancers that there is hope.
At our dental clinic, every child gets the attention he or she needs to bring out their best smile.

Get the gift of a smile.